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June 23, 2014

Weddings on the Brain

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Maybe because it’s June?

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s because of the following:

1. A school friend getting married at the end of May.

2. A coworker getting engaged.

3. A family friend is getting married in September.

4. A family member is getting married in October.

So, yes, I have weddings on the brain. Though it does happen every so often. Like a few years ago when I got slightly obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids. I still like them, but I don’t find them on as often as I used to. The original Say Yes to the Dress is usually on. I prefer the Southern flair of Atlanta.

But enough about that. I’m not here to talk about the show. Or my tendency to binge watch it.

I’m talking about fantasizing about weddings. Okay, mostly my wedding. No, I haven’t met Mr. Right. But see my reasons above. Can you blame a girl? Besides, you don’t need a real life Mr. Right to fantasize. Most of us have done it over the years, admit it. Dressing up ourselves and our Barbies, walking them down the “aisle” to the “altar.”

As we’ve grown up, the “perfect” wedding has changed for us. I can barely remember some of my old fantasies.  Though I’m sure I wanted a poofy-er dress than the ones that catch my eye now. We all wanted that princess dress and thought the bigger the skirt, the better the dress—right? But I’ve realized my princess dress may have a thinner skirt, maybe more form fitting. Themes, bridesmaid dresses and the like keep changing as well.

So what is it about weddings? Why do we love them so much? Because most of us do. We stop and watch a bride where ever she may be. We watch bridal shows. TV shows have wedding episodes and soap operas turn them into weeklong spectacles. We just love weddings. I think it’s the joy, the love, the happiness and the unity weddings represent. And the fun. Weddings are fun—though there are the few outliers where you cannot wait for them to be over for whatever reason.

There’s also some schadenfreude about weddings too. We won’t admit it, but we want something dramatic to happen. I’ll be honest: When I was an altar server, there were times I wanted someone to say “No, I don’t want to get married any more.” Just to change it up! Wedding after wedding can get boring as an altar server. Everything in the Catholic Church is pretty much the same. I just wanted some variety. Something to talk about when I got in the car.

And weddings can bring out the worst in people as well. Have you ever watched an episode of “Bridezillas”? Or listened to horror stories about fussy brides, impossible mother-in-laws (or mothers) and rude bridesmaids? People seem to go insane. Or perhaps their true nature comes out. Either way, things can get dramatic.

Maybe that’s why writers like to set things at weddings. For some, they could be happy endings or new beginnings. For others, it might be a painful beginning, the inciting event for the main character’s journey. Or the dramatic climax. Secrets revealed, declarations of love given, and much much more.

So, here’s a toast to weddings.


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