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April 14, 2014


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Two weeks ago, I spent a weekend in this great city. (Though not as great as New York. Winking smile) It wasn’t my first trip there. My family and I went back in 2008 for our summer vacation. I was the driving force, though my dad always insists my sister wanted to go there when he tells the story. (Though she corrects him as well—reminding him I wanted to go to Boston, she wanted to go to Salem. We did both). I enjoyed having the chance to go back.

Why did I go? Because my friends and I went to Anime Boston. Yes, we love to go to conventions. And for a few years, we’ve gone to AnimeNext in New Jersey. But last year, it wasn’t so great and we had heard Boston’s was better. So we planned our trip!

I flew up to Boston while my friends drove. They had gone to a concert and so were getting a late start. It was easier for me to fly. And faster. Like, in under an hour. I caught a cab and made it to the Marriott. Which was a great hotel. The room was nice and clean, the bed really comfortable. I was asleep when my friends came in, which they told me was about 4:30 in the morning. So they only had a few hours of sleep when we got up to head to the convention.

But first I had to run out and get something for my costume. So I got to walk around Back Bay, Boston for a bit. It was a beautiful neighborhood, one that just seemed to be well-to-do but full of history. I loved walking around there. Too bad I didn’t have enough time for a leisurely stroll. I had a convention to get to!

The convention was a lot of fun. And I found a new book to read! Well, it’s a graphic novel. It’s called “The Dreamer.” What drew me to it? It’s about history. Specifically, it’s set in the American Revolution. And you know I’m sucker for that period. I’m enjoying the book so far. I also enjoyed meeting the author, who was really nice.

On Sunday, we had time to go visit one thing. And we decided to go to the Boston Tea Party Museum, which was a lot of fun. It started with Samuel Adams delivering a passionate speech that we could participate in. Booing, cheering, “fie”-ing. Once we were appropriately riled up, our guide led us to the Eleanor to throw some tea into the harbor to protest the king’s unfair taxes. We also explored the conditions aboard an 18th century merchant ship. One of my friends barely fit into the ship’s hold. Our tour guide joked that she was too tall for the century.

After throwing more tea into the harbor, we gathered on the deck for the rest of our tour. This involved some video exhibits which I highly recommend viewing. It ends in a tea room and a gift shop. We didn’t stay to try the tea, as my friend wanted to get on the road. We said goodbye to Boston, hoping to go back soon.


(View from my hotel room)

Especially as there was so many things we didn’t get to see!

Another good thing about Boston: It got me in the writing mood. An excitement that courses through me that reminds me that I have stories worth telling in me. And once again, they are about American history.

Traveling can do a writer good.


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  1. Glad you had fun here! I didn’t even get a chance to go to PAX and I live here! haha.

    Comment by aqualaney — April 16, 2014 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

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