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March 31, 2014

All Good Things Must End

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No, I’m not ending this blog. I’m still trekking on this road to publishing. And I hope you’ll stick it out with me as well.

What I’m talking about is my TV shows. “How I Met Your Mother” ends tonight. Glee ends next year. And I’m not sure if “Almost Human” is getting a second season. Endings are sad yet they can be happy. Especially if the series finale is done well.

Like “House.” It ended with House going on a journey of self-discovery with the spirits of Kutner, Cutthroat Bitch, Stacey and Cameron as he’s trapped in a burning house. We see one more patient of the week as well as more regarding House’s friendship with Wilson. And that’s the note it ends on—their friendship, the bedrock of the show.

And then there was “Smash” last year. The creatives didn’t know for sure it was going to be the series finale but they had an idea. So they crafted the finale in such a way that it could serve as either a season finale or a series finale. And it was well done. Bombshell got the Tony. So did Ivy. And she got Derek! Karen got Jimmy and Jimmy got Poor Dead Kyle’s Tony instead of Poor Dead Kyle’s Poor Distraught Parents. And Tom and Julia reunited!

“Almost Human” ended its season on a good note as well. Dorian and John were working better together and had a good partnership. John managed to clean his father’s name, proving he wasn’t a dirty cop. Of course, there are still a lot of questions to be answered: What’s beyond the wall? What happened to John’s girlfriend? What about John Lithgow? So I hope it gets a second season.

I’m not sure how “How I Met Your Mother” ends, except that Ted will finally meet the Mother. But I know I want everyone to have their happy endings.

And what about “Glee”? I guess I want the same—happy endings for everyone. Or at least the promise of happy endings. I always hoped the ending would at least suggest the Glee club keeps going after the credits, but that seems unlikely right now. But there’s still another season to go. Who knows what will happen from now until next May?

Does any of this have to do with writing a novel? Well, novels have to end. And book series have to end. I remember waiting for the seventh Harry Potter book. All the theories out there were quite interesting to read. They were probably some of the best parts of waiting.

But I bring up Harry Potter for a reason. J.K. Rowling knew the ending. She had written the last chapter long before the seventh book. The creatives behind “How I Met Your Mother” knew the last scene. Ryan Murphy knew the last scene of “Glee” until Cory Monteith died. (Which I think also killed the Glee Club). And that’s important—know your ending.

I always say that when I start writing, I know Point A and have an idea to what Point Z is. It’s Points B through Y that are unknown and that’s where the fun of writing can lie. But you need to know where you are ending. You can even write it out ahead of time like Rowling did.

However, don’t be married to your ending. A few months ago, Rowling created a stir on the internet when she admitted that she probably shouldn’t have paired Ron and Hermione up in the end. It riled a lot of fans up but I’m not here to get in the middle of fan wars. Especially since the Harry Potter ones can get ugly. I did read some of the excerpts from that interview. What I came away with was a writer regretting not changing her ending to fit the direction she was writing rather than changing her writing to fit the ending.

Always be flexible.

And remember: Endings aren’t a bad thing. Just the start of something new.


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  1. I agree, endings are the start to a new adventure. Though we might not see it or write it down, the story continues on in our hearts and imagination.

    Comment by Jeyna Grace — March 31, 2014 @ 12:17 am | Reply

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