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March 10, 2014

Another Flash of Inspiration

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A couple weekends ago, my family and I went to a family birthday party upstate. My parents picked me up from work and, after stopping to see my sister at school, we continued the drive to the Finger Lake area. It was still a few hours away and it was night. Snow from our many, many storms still clung to the grass on the side of the road.

I sat in the front seat. I always do on long road trips due to motion sickness. While I fell asleep for a bit, I was awake for most of the trip. So I was awake when we hit the fog. Which, late at night on a road with no lights, is creepy. Like something from a mystery novel or a horror movie. Or the Twilight Zone, like my mother said in the car. The fog most likely was coming from the snow meeting the warming air. And it did go away as we approached a brightly lit city.

As we drove along, I saw an exit sign. It was probably one of like a hundred exit signs I saw that night. But it caught my eye. What did it say? “Dunbar Road.”

It clicked with me. I don’t know why, but it did. And I’ve probably passed it several times in the past eight years we’ve been visiting my cousin upstate. It’s odd how and when inspiration hits. What was different this time? The fog? The warming weather? Me? Who’s to say?

But I have inspiration for another short story. One with some fantasy roots. So we’ll see where it goes.


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