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December 23, 2013

O, Christmas Tree!

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This past Saturday, we lit our parish Christmas tree. It’s become an annual event since we stopped our Living Nativity. And mostly because people love seeing the kids dressed up as angels, shepherds and sheep. So they come to the 6PM mass and we all proceed out to light the tree. The first time we did it, the pastor had to have said the word “light” about ten times before the worker got the hint to flip the switch and turn the lights on. It goes smoother now.

And then we sing a carol or two before trooping down to the parish hall for refreshments. The pastor insists on homemade goods and the parishioners oblige. So there are lots of cookies (and cakes) with hot chocolate to wash it down. We play Christmas music, though I don’t think anyone hears it over the conversations.

So why do I mention this? Because Christmas is Wednesday. And because this has become part of my Christmas tradition. We all have them—traditions, though not necessarily Christmas ones. Traditions are one way to help define a character. So what traditions do your characters have?

I’m thinking about that as well. Especially as I write Dreams of a Rose. Trying to create Rosalie’s character and all. It’s fun. None of what I come up with may end up in my writing, but that’s okay. Not everything about a character ends up in print after all. We authors have a lot of info on them stored away for our own reference.

Hope everyone has a great holiday! And enjoy your traditions!


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