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October 23, 2013

Historical Places Month, Part Three—Plymouth, MA

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Yes, I know we’re inching toward Halloween rather than Thanksgiving. But it’s still applicable. So let’s take the wrong turn heading to Virginia and land in New England.

For those confused by my last sentence, the Pilgrims were sailing to Virginia to find freedom from the religious persecution the Puritans faced during the Restoration. A storm blew them off course and they ended up in New England. Without the protection of the established Jamestown colony, the elders gathered to figure out what they could do. They knew they could not step off the ship until they had a system of government in place. And thus they wrote the Mayflower Compact.

We all know that first winter was hard and many didn’t make it. But then the settlers befriend Squanto, a Native American kidnapped as a young man and taken to Europe. He was able to communicate with them and broker a peace with the local tribe. Together, they helped the Pilgrims learn to plant crops. When the harvest came in, the two sides sat down to a meal of Thanksgiving.

Our history with the native people of North America didn’t remain so…peaceful. But there was still this one moment.

And we still have Plymouth Plantation up in Massachusetts. My family and I went when I was about nine years old. We had a long weekend due to the Pope coming to visit New York (and Columbus Day, I think). And it was a great trip. Much like Jamestown, they have recreated the village to give people a glimpse into the past. They also did the same with the Native American tribe’s land. One can learn about both cultures, which is similar to how Jamestown is set up.

There are museums to see and I remember a ride featuring wax figures. Or maybe one of the museums had wax figures and I only remember a ride because I’ve been to Disney too many times. But there were definitely wax figures.

And there is the rock. It’s not much, just a rock. You see it, you move on.

Too bad the OceanSpray Factory Tour is no longer there. That was an epic tour. Sorry, guys.

So celebrate Thanksgiving with a trip to Plymouth Plantation! You’ll have a great time.


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