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September 23, 2013

I <3 the Mid-Atlantic States

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So, what are the Mid-Atlantic States? Well, they are the states between the Southern ones and New England. Namely: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Quite a bit there, huh? I’m not going to talk about all of them, mostly because I’ve never been to West Virginia, my thoughts on the parts of Virginia will be discussed next month, and I’ve only driven through Delaware.

Let’s start with Maryland, then. I used to visit there regularly as we had family friends who lived there. And I liked going down there. Maybe because they had a pool. But I remember driving past the Chesapeake Bay, a gorgeous drive.

And now we hop north to Pennsylvania. I’ve been to several places around that state. Philly was a great trip, especially as I’m a history nerd. (I’m sure you’re so surprised!) Though some of my fondest memories come from shopping on Canal Street with members of my track team. But most of my memories are from our time spent in the Poconos.

Growing up, a family friend owned a cabin up in the Mt. Pocono region and would invite us up every so often. We loved to go as it was such a great getaway. Not too far away so we weren’t traveling forever, but still far enough away to be relaxing. We’d spend time outside and go around the local attractions. In the summer, this included zoos and Lake Tobyhanna. For the winter, we would go out to Quiet Valley for their Christmas festivities. We’d walk around the houses and see different things: skits from the past, a Nativity, caroling, etc. But the best part was the Bellschnickel. He would come in and ask the children (and some adults) if they were good or bad. Good children got candy, bad children got switches rapped against their bottom. My dad would get chosen nearly every time and it was hilarious.

I have such fond memories of my time there. Hiking in the woods. Listening to music while sitting on the rocks. Being surprised by the deer in the kitchen windows. Playing in the snow. Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace. I hope to go back there one day soon.

And then there’s New Jersey. As a New Yorker, I often make fun of the state. But I don’t hate the place. It’s a very beautiful state. The other week, my father and I were driving back from dropping my sister off at college. We had to drive through New Jersey to get home, taking the Turnpike.

It was twilight, after sunset. The sky was not completely dark yet, just that shade of dark blue which occurs right before the first stars become visible. We drove past a marsh area, the water reflecting the sky and the lights of the buildings around it. And once again, I was struck with it’s beauty. I feel so lucky to live in this section of the country.

Especially New York. I live in a gorgeous state. When we were driving my sister to her college, we had to go another way due to a family function. So we drove past the Long Island Sound and over the Throgg’s Neck Bridge. Houses lined the water’s edge and the water looked very blue. It was a gorgeous sight.

It reminds me of my time in college, located in the Hudson River Valley. All of my dorm rooms had views of the river and the trees on the other side. Every autumn, I would watch the leaves change colors. Red and oranges leaves set the hillside on a beautiful fire. And in the winter, the river would have chunks of ice coming down from the north. Snow would line the banks and as February dragged on into March, we’d wait for the first blades of grass to appear amongst the white powder to herald Spring’s approach.

There is so much more I could say, but I think I should stop. After all, this post was supposed to go up last week. And I could keep writing forever.

So…Happy Autumn!


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