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August 19, 2013


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No, I’m not pregnant. I believe in waiting for marriage and I’m still waiting for Mr. Right. But there seems to have been a baby boom lately.

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Like most people, I was ridiculously excited for the Royal Baby. And I’m an American! The closest thing we had, though, was the Kimye baby and I don’t really care about either of them. With them it was more like:

“Oh, Kim’s in the hospital. Next.”

“Oh, Kim had the baby. Next.”

“Oh, they named the baby North West? Poor kid. Next!”

Very different for Kate Middleton, which was more like:

“Oh, Kate’s in the hospital. Must check news site every ten minutes to see if she had the kid.”

“Why hasn’t she had the kid yet?”

“Ooh, she had the baby! Details! No? Darn.”

“It’s a boy! All hail the baby prince! What’s his name?”

“A day? I have to wait a day for his name?”

“Pictures! He’s so cute You know, I bet they’ll name him George.”

“I’m right! His name is George!”

Thankfully, I’ve calmed down now. Well, somewhat. One of my cousins just gave birth to a baby girl. And I’m covering for another woman who is due to give birth…yesterday. She’s having a boy. And we’ve all be very impatient. And there are several more women who are due to go on maternity leave within the next few months at work. I’m a little scared to drink the water.

So, of course, it makes me think about babies. About my own hypothetical ones for when I meet Mr. Right. And about any babies I may give my characters. Especially in “The Wedding Game.”

I’ve always meant for “The Conference House” to be part of a standalone series, though I would have epilogues to tell where my characters ended up. Something else I’ve picked up from Ann Rinaldi. But I don’t need names or personalities for them.

“The Wedding Game,” though, does have a sequel in the works. I’m focused on editing “The Wedding Game” and finishing “The Conference House” so I’m not yet writing it. But it has a title and I have the basic idea for the plot. And I think I would like to continue writing Christian’s adventures in married life. Which would include babies.

So I’m thinking of the babies even though I’m not ready to write them into existence. Oh, the quirks of being a writer!

Write 53k

Week 13: 1829 words written

Cumulative: 24, 888 words written


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