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August 5, 2013

Hey, Let’s check In With “The Wedding Game”

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I know, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about this project. Mostly because I chose to devote this summer to completing “The Conference House,” which is becoming more and more of a reality. But it doesn’t mean I’ve back-burnered “The Wedding Game.” I’m still in the process of editing it.

It just seems to be taking forever. And I believe part of the problem is me. People brag about multitasking, thinking they get more done. But studies have shown this isn’t true and I’m starting to realize that. I started editing “The Wedding Game” last September. I’m only up to editing Chapter Six.

Now, I have a few excuses. Go ahead, roll your eyes. But one, I was focused at getting the first few chapters ready for the writing contest I entered at the beginning of the year. Two, I hit the part where I introduced Natalie. If you remember, I decided halfway through writing my first draft to remove her from the story. So I now have to remove her from the earlier chapters and beef up Susannah’s role.

It’s a lot of rewriting. I was so naïve about how long this process would take.

As for my third excuse, well, I hit burnout. I needed a break. So I took it and now I’m back editing. Wish me luck!

Write 53k

Week 11: 2283 words written

Cumulative: 20, 940 word written


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