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August 4, 2013


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Last time, Kate and Matt were separated and Kate found her way to an underwater paradise. We go back to see what happened to Matt.

Matt stared at the now solid ground where Kate had been before being swallowed up. A lump formed in his throat as his stomach clenched. Where did she go? Is she still alive? Was there anything else I could’ve done? Could I have saved her?

Something soft and warm tickled his legs. He glanced down to find Stormy rubbing against him. Matt swooped down to pick up the cat. “You miss her too, girl?” he asked the animal. She purred in response.

He nodded. “We’ll find her. I promise.”

Matt walked down the path, hoping it would lead him to Kate. It was odd how determined he was. He had only met this woman the day before yet felt lost without her. Perhaps it was because she was the only other person here. She made it less lonely. And he did genuinely like her. There was something about her which drew him in.

Love at first sight. His sister Caroline would’ve called it that. But she was a romantic idealist. He was a realist. And he knew love at first sight didn’t exist. He was not attracted to Kate. She wasn’t his type! No, he was attracted to dark haired beauties who dressed in outfits that no doubt cost more than he made in a year. And whose idea of a stimulating conversation was about the latest celebrity gossip.

That is why you are still single. His mother’s voice filled his head this time, making him sigh. You need to settle down with a girl capable of having a serious thought and who will make you happy.

Kate would be the type of woman his mother would pick out for him. If she were here, he knew she would be planning their wedding.

He shook his head to clear the thoughts. It was not what he needed to focus on right now. What he needed to do was to find Kate.

With his head clear, Matt grew aware of his surroundings. The fields full of flowers were gone, replaced by sand. A desert? Can this place get any worse?

He trudged on, Stormy’s basket growing heavier as his arms grew more tired. The cat slept on, unaware of her surroundings. Matt envied the animal and wished he could nap as well. But there was no place for him to lie his head, so he had to forge ahead. Especially to find Kate. Should he take a moment to rest, it could mean life or death for her.

I’m going to need a vacation after this.

Something appeared on the horizon, a black dot against the glare of the sun. He squinted in an attempt to see it better but it was no use. All he could do was keep walking on and pray it wasn’t something dangerous. Like a monster come to eat me whole. It would be entirely befitting.

As he grew closer, the block dot became larger and more defined. Palm trees provided enticing shade and a place to rest. They surrounded a pond with refreshing blue water. It looked very tempting but he approached it with caution. Nothing in this place was what it seemed.

Stormy jumped from the basket, throwing Matt off balance in his surprise. He landed hard, kicking up a sand cloud around him. Coughing, Matt stood and chased after the cat.

He found the animal sitting at the edge of the pond, staring into the water. Guess she’s trying to catch some fish. Matt chuckled as he crouched down. At least we’ll have dinner.

But he didn’t see any fish swimming about the pond. He didn’t see anything at all. The blue surface dissolved into a black as dark and thick as ink. What had so bewitched Stormy?

Then he saw it. Red lights in a starburst pattern, like a firework. Followed by blue ones, then green. Fireworks in the water! He swore he had seen everything now and watched the show, bewitched by the sight.

Entering into the water wasn’t as startling as Matt thought it would be. He just floated down, waiting to be embraced by the fireworks. Thought fled from him and he felt free.

He landed face first into the sandy bottom. Pushing himself up, he surveyed the water’s floor. Nothing but sand for miles, much like the desert. Only himself and Stormy, who didn’t mind the water. A cat who likes the water? Kate sure does have an odd pet.

Picking the cat up, Matt started to swim one-handedly. It was counter-productive as he didn’t get anywhere. He let his feet float back down to the bottom and sighed. What to do now? Where can I go?

Go forward. The voice was back, filling his head. Urgency was in its tone but still Matt hesitated.

Do not worry. Just walk and everything will be fine. You’ll see.

With no other choice, Matt did just that. He held Stormy close as he walked—more like bounced—along the sandy floor. Nothing changed around him. Just water and sand.

After an eternity, a palace rose up before him. It was made of pearl and shone with a strange yet inviting light. Towers rose above the structure with several openings lining them. Fish swam in and out of them. No, not fish, he realized. Mermaids. His mouth fell open.

Where was he? And was Kate there?

Write 53k

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Cumulative: 18, 657 words written


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