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July 22, 2013

Going to the Gym

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From the facts you didn’t care to know about your recapper file, I’m skinny. And I’m not boasting nor am I complaining. I am only stating a fact. I do not actively try to keep myself skinny—I just lucked out with good genes, a good metabolism and a small appetite. But skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Scratch that, wrong word. Skinny doesn’t mean “in shape.”

And so I am trying to get back into shape. I’m not horribly out of shape but I also have no upper body strength. And I need to just get back into exercising.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to the local Y and it’s a family affair. My father goes and does his workout while my sister, mother and I attend classes. It started, for me, with a step class. And I realized how much fun the class could be (of course, the instructor is great as well as funny). Then I also joined them for total body conditioning.

And my body hated me. My arm wouldn’t unbend without pain for two days! It was quite difficult to write but I did it.

Which is about the only thing about writing this post has. Maybe in the future, I’ll get ideas at the gym but right now, I’m focused on following the instructors. And waiting for my body to stop complaining.

Write 53k

Week 9: 1705 words

Cumulative: 16, 313 words


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