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July 16, 2013


At the end of June, one of my cousins from South Carolina came up to visit us. She had some friends with her and they spent a lot of time in Manhattan. But she still spent time with us because we wanted to. Tell stories, share updates, etc. I showed her some pictures I had found of the visit her family had when we were little. And there were a lot of laughs over the week and a half she was here.

This cousin, I should add, is actually my third cousin. Our paternal grandmothers were first cousins. When my great-grandmother was alive, she was often ill. Her doctor instructed her to seek warmer temperatures when it was cold here in New York, so she went to stay with her sister in South Carolina (my cousin’s great-grandmother). My great-grandmother eventually died in South Carolina, but the cousins remained close.

And so, our families did as well. We would go do to visit them, they would come up to visit us. For a long time, we would drive to Disney World and would stop to visit them along the way. One summer we all spent time at Myrtle Beach at a house and it was great. I still recall some of that summer. Flashes of the house and especially how it smelled. Even my cousin remembered that and we were both young when we went!

Her visit reminded me how important family is. Which is why family plays an important role in my stories. Even if I killed Christian’s parents in “The Wedding Game” and made her uncle the bad guy. But I made Gerard’s family quite central to the story once the action shifts to Castle Trent. And the Visser family is just as important as Annemie in “The Conference House.” And I know any future books I write will have a strong emphasis on family.

Because I place a strong emphasis on mine.

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