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July 8, 2013

Daydream Believer

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We all daydream. Admit it.

I daydream all the time. There’s a good chance I’ll probably daydream while writing this post.

What do I daydream about? Different things, like most people. What I’m going to do later. Things I may do eventually. How my career may go. Especially as a hotshot author.

I really like that one.

But not all my daydreams are about me. Some of them are just little scenes. Who knows? Maybe they will turn into a story.

Sorry this one is a bit short. I’ve started working again and sadly, was not as ahead on my blog posts as I usually am. The next few ones (except the short story addition) will probably be short as well. Depends on my inspiration.

Write 53K

Week 6: 1330 words

Cumulative: 12,541 words


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  1. Hi!!
    Interesting post I’ve been getting a little worried, myself. I too am a author and I daydream a heck of a lot. Well, its not disrupting my life or anything but I worry that if I let it get out of hand it WILL. Anyways what do you think about this? I mainly imagine my characters from various books doing various things and then aspects about my future that in my day dreams are just unrealistically perfect or dramatic and i feel most afraid that I’ll be constantly disappointed with life if things don’t turn out like they do when I daydream. I’m 16, by the way and I know that you probably won’t reply to this le anything but I’m REALLY worried and I sort of want to know that there is someone else out there…
    Charly xx

    Comment by Charly — August 23, 2013 @ 8:42 am | Reply

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