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July 1, 2013

An Exasperated Writer Rants

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You have been warned.

I usually love showers. I do my best thinking under them sometimes. There’s just something about letting the hot water run over me which leads to my mind wandering. My family teases me about how much time I spend in the shower but I don’t think they understand.

So what happened this time? Well, I was thinking about Write 53k in the shower. This meant I was thinking about “The Conference House” as well. And I was thinking about my main character, Annemie. I was worried she didn’t have much of a character arc. Yes, she still will have some questions of loyalty (and I may finally get Miles to agree to moving his argument on the beach). But I think I want to highlight her being more of a silly girl who matures into a young woman.

Of course, “think” is the operative word. I’m still writing the first draft (and to think I thought this would be written quickly!). I hope to have it finished by the end of Write 53k in September. Then I’ll start the rewrites. Who knows what I’ll be thinking by then!

But I still felt like banging my head against the tile wall. And I had to remember not to go back to try and rewrite the first chapters. Or else I’ll never finish this novel.

And I do want to do that!

Write 53k

Week 5:  1719 words

Cumulative: 11,211 words


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