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June 24, 2013

By the Shore

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Last time in Kate and Matt’s Crazy Journeys: The two enjoyed the spring-like weather in their strange new world. But a stop to smell the flowers ends up with Kate separated from Matt. Read on…

The tunnel was endless. Kate felt she had been trudging for hours. Time though was odd in this world. Everything in this world was odd.

As she walked, her thoughts drifted away from there. Back to the real world. How long had she been gone? Did anyone notice? Was she missed?

She sighed. You’re getting morose. Enough! Just focus on getting out of this tunnel, okay?

It was easier said than done and her legs grew tired. Sliding down to the ground, Kate rested. “There has to be an end. Everything has an end. Unless it’s a circle. Oh, crap! Am I in a circle?”

Closing her eyes, she leaned against the dirt wall behind her. Or tried to. She kept leaning further and further until she was flat on her back. “What?” she called out to the skies.

She rolled over, kicking up some dust, to stare down another tunnel. “Well, it’s better than nothing.”

Kate walked down the new path, whistling to break the eerie silence around her. She hoped this wasn’t another endless path to nowhere like the last one. Every so often, she’d stop and press against the dirt walls to make sure there weren’t any other secret tunnels. None appeared.

“I hope this way has an outlet, then,” she said aloud. Resuming her whistling, she kicked a pebble down the path until she lost it. The sound of a stone hitting water reached her ears, raising her curiosity. She broke into a run, hoping her fortunes were about to change.

Sound returned to her world—the roar of waves. It had been years since she last heard that particular sound, back when she graduated college. After four years of hard work, Kate had treated herself to a week of nothing in Myrtle Beach. Every morning she would wake up whenever she wanted, go down to the beach and just lie in the sun. When she got hot, she jumped in the water and went for a brief swim. It was heaven.

Reaching the end of the table, she stared out at a recreation of her memory. A white sand beach stretched out before a green-blue ocean. White capped waves rolled onto the shore as seagulls flew overhead, crying out. Stuck in the sand was a bright yellow umbrella, like the one she had rested under that week in Myrtle Beach. Her memory—recreated perfectly.

Kate removed the sneakers from her feet before stepping onto the beach. Her toes sunk into the sand, which felt cool between the digits. The salty yet fresh smell of ocean water carried on the breeze playing with her hair.

She rounded the umbrella to find a bright pink towel laid out beneath it. Kate sat down to watch the waves. As she watched, dolphins leapt against the horizon. I wish I had a camera! This is gorgeous.

Lying back, she closed her eyes to rest for a bit. The sun was warm against her face and she felt her body relax. Sleep pulled at her and she surrendered.

Consciousness eased itself onto her. She fought it but it was a losing battle. The call of the gulls grew louder. But there was something underneath it, something she couldn’t quite define. It was mesmerizing and enticing.

Kate stood, following it down to the water as the sand grew cooler and squishier. The waves lapped at her ankles, the water warm yet refreshing against her skin. She walked further in, ignoring how heavy her pants grew as they became waterlogged. The ocean floor fell out beneath her feet so she began treading water.

But the elusive song kept calling her. She took a deep breath and plunged underwater. Kate raised her arms above her head as she sank farther and farther down. The water rushed past her and bubbles tickled her skin.

As she went down, she noted the lack of any life in the water. No fish. No sign of the dolphins from before. Nothing. This should’ve struck her as odd but the song prevented her from concentrating on anything that wasn’t the song for long periods of time. Or else she might have noticed she was breathing underwater. And that there was still light no matter how far down she went.

Her feet landed on the sandy surface of the ocean floor. There was nothing there. She turned her head to the right. Nothing. Then she turned to the left. Nothing. Back forward. Still nothing. She spun around to glance behind her, bubbles obscuring her view at first. When they dissipated, her eyes widened.

A beautiful woman floated in front of her, a woman with long black hair which covered her bare torso. She had bright green eyes which appeared friendly yet feisty. Kate glanced down and then did so again, staring. The woman had a fin! Golden scales were highlighted by orange and red ones before tapering off in a shimmery silken material where her feet ought to be.

The mermaid reached a translucent arm out to Kate, who took her hand. She pulled Kate along through the water to a destination unknown.

Write 53k

Week 5: 2121 words written

Overall: 9492 words added to “The Conference House”


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