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May 20, 2013

Murder, She Wrote

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A few weekends ago, my mom and I went to a baby shower. That’s not really the story. The story is when we returned. My father was relaxing in the living room after a day of yard work, watching TV. He was watching the Hallmark Movie Channel, which we had stopped getting over a year ago. It was back but we were cautious. Sometimes Verizon FiOS gives us channels for a weekend in a bid to get us to add them to our plan. 

But it was not just a weekend promotion. Verizon gave us back the Hallmark Movie Channel. Which means one very important thing:


I love this show. Angela Lansbury is an amazing actress and J.B. Fletcher is a great character, if a bit of a jinx. My parents recall a SNL sketch where Jessica is thrown in jail the minute she arrives in a town to prevent someone from dying.

If you’re not familiar with the program, here’s the basic set up: Jessica Fletcher is a widowed English teacher who likes to writer murder mysteries in her spare time. Her nephew shows one to a friend who works in publishing and it gets published. She becomes the next big thing though she prefers to keep to her small town of Cabot Cove, Maine. Which has a high murder rate. But with her friends, the sheriff and the doctor, Jessica solves the crime.

Later seasons had Mrs. Fletcher go elsewhere to solve the crimes. Sometimes, she would narrate adventures her friends had or explain her latest “novel.”

There are many reasons why I love this series but the main one has to be Jessica. She’s such a fantastic character! Feisty yet proper, she’s a jovial woman who really doesn’t go prying into people’s business. But she has a way of getting people to open when she needs to. She relies on her brains and it works.

Another reason I love Jessica is that I feel she’s an accurate representation of a writer (from what I’ve seen of Castle, the title character is another). She struggles with plots, with blocks, with deadlines. And she is always talking about research. Which we writers know well.

The stories are also entertaining. And it’s fun to play along. Try to spot the lies and solve the crime. Or just watch Jessica do it.


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