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February 25, 2013

February’s Mission

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Last time: Kate encounters a strange voice in her cabin located in the middle of a frozen nowhere. It told her to step outside to begin a journey.

The light died down, revealing a path which appeared to be made of glass. Kate stared at her reflection, surprised. Gone were her pink striped pajamas and bedhead. She wore long white pants and a white fur trimmed parka. The outfit was complemented with matching boots which reached up to her knees. Her blonde hair was braided with a white head band wrapped around to keep her ears warm. White gloves completed the look.

“Wow. Look at us, Stormy! Aren’t we fashionable?”

In response, the cat purred. Kate laughed as she adjusted the white bow now tied around Stormy’s neck.

“Yes, you look wonderful.” The voice returned, though it still had no discernable source Kate could see. “But you need to start your quest.”

“Quest? For what?”

“You will find out as you journey on.”

Kate sighed. “And the riddles continue. Oh, well. Come on, Stormy. Let’s begin our adventure.”

She tested the road, praying it wouldn’t crack and she wouldn’t slip. Neither came to pass.

There was not much to see along the way. Everything was white, like she was caught in the middle of a blizzard. But she wasn’t cold. In fact, she was quite comfortable. Stormy appeared so as well. The cat lay curled in her arms, dozing contentedly.

But her arms were starting to hurt. She had to let Stormy down, though she feared the cat would run off. Well, nothing has happened yet. I guess I could rest a bit.

The problem was trying to find a place to do so. Everything around her was flat. She could just sit on the ground, but worried it would be too cold.

Ahead, by a few yards, was a bench. Kate was certain it wasn’t there a minute ago. What type of world is this?

That is something you’ll have to answer for yourself, the voice responded. But for now, rest. You need your energy.

“For what?”

The voice didn’t answer. Kate didn’t know why she kept asking questions; she was never going to get answers. Instead, she sat down. Stormy stretched out next to her, taking a cat nap. Though she hadn’t felt tired while walking, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue swept over her once she sat down. She wished she could take a nap.

Do not close your eyes just yet. You will have to walk a bit further for today. There is someone you must meet before you can rest.

“You probably won’t tell me who, will you?” No answer. “Of course not.”

Kate sat on the bench a little while longer, though it was difficult to tell time in this place. After she felt rested, she searched for Stormy. She found the cat curled in a basket placed next to the bench. “Well, this will make things easier.”

Picking up the basket, Kate continued down the glassy road. She felt reinvigorated and there was a bounce to her step. The basket hit her hip but she didn’t care.

The scenery still hadn’t changed. White, white and more white lay before her, only broken by the gold of the sky. It was as if the sun was too large to fit in it. Kate thought it was beautiful.

Stormy meowed from her basket, gnawing at bit at Kate’s gloved hand. It sent my stomach growling; who knows how long it had been since I last ate. This place the voice had spoke about hopefully had food as well.

A dark figure appeared on the horizon, giving Kate pause. “What do you think that is, Stormy?” She asked it in a whisper, as if the figure could hear her. It appeared humanoid in shape, dark against the gold. And growing larger with each beat of her heart. She held her breath, waiting to see if it was friend or foe.

The closer it got, the more defined it became. Broad shoulders, tall form and short hair led her to believe it was a man. Like her, he wore white winter gear—a bulky coat, snow pants and boots. He paused upon seeing her. “Hello?”

“Hi.” Kate’s stomach churned. “Did a strange voice bring you here too?”

The man didn’t respond and she felt her stomach churn more. What if he didn’t speak English?

A smile spread across his face and Kate felt her body relax as he chuckled. “Glad to see I’m not alone.” He held out a hand. “Name’s Matt.”

She took it. “Kate.” Hands falling apart, silence ruled. “Now what?” she asked.

He shrugged. “Not sure. All I know is that there’s nothing that way.” Matt jerked his thumb behind him.

“Same for this way,” Kate said, pointing to the path she had walked.

“Looks like we’re screwed. Which way are we supposed to head?”

The two surveyed the land before looking down. Part of the glass road was starting to spread out to the right, like a stream of water breaking free from a puddle. Kate looked up, meeting Matt’s brown eyes. “That’s new.”

“Should we follow it?” he asked.

Kate shrugged. “What other choice do we have?”

“None, I guess.” He held out his arm. “Ladies first.”


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