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October 15, 2012

One Little Spark

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If you have the song in your head now, you are awesome! If not, YouTube my blog post title and click on a video that says “Disney,” “Epcot” or “Dreamfinder.”

Anyway, every month I do something I call my “Nostalgia Nook” on my other blog. (Shameless plug #1: My other blog!) It was inspired by both the Nostalgia Chick and the Nostalgia Critic. Now, Doug Walker has retired the Nostalgia Critic. One thing I always looked forward to was to see what theme he would give January. Since he’s hung up his cap and tie, I’m giving this January my own theme. It’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen month!

So that means research. And by research, I mean watching old episodes of “The Mary-Kate and Ashley Detective Agency” on YouTube. It brings back old memories. I remember renting those tapes from the video store all the time. And they inspired me to play my own mystery games. Which I’m remembering as I watch the episodes again.

Let me explain something: I was an only child until I was nearly six and a half. And then the age gap meant I was generally playing games by myself. From what I remember, they were complex games. I’m surprised I wanted to be a teacher long before I wanted to be a writer. Because I came up with a lot of stories when I was younger. I turned a lot of my toys into “gadgets” I used as a detective. My basement became so many places.

I enjoyed coming up with clues for me to put together. Oh, sure, I knew what the end result was supposed to be. But there was still fun in just playing. My friends didn’t, really. I remember a few times trying to play with them and would set up whatever object we were looking for. When I start the case, someone would inevitably say “I know where [object] is!” and go straight to where I had put it. They didn’t get the point of trying to find it because they knew where it was. Maybe I should’ve made them close their eyes. Or explained it better. But I thought I didn’t. Where’s the fun in going straight to the solution, after all?

I guess that’s why I’m the one trying to become a writer.

What about you? Any old games you used to play?


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  1. I used to play with my imaginary friends.


    Comment by rebecca2000 — October 15, 2012 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

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