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August 27, 2012

How an Idea Progresses…

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Okay, it’s odd how an idea can progress. Let’s take a Monday morning in mid-July. It’s between 8:30 and 9:00 AM. I’m sitting on a New York City express bus—several rows of comfy grey chairs—and by a window. We’ve left New Jersey and are fighting our way uptown. I’m leaning my head against the window and thinking…Once again, I’m thinking of EL James and Cassandra Claire. Namely, how they used their fanfiction. James published it with changed names; Cassandra Claire used portions of her fanfiction in her series. I thought of my own. I view Le Cirque Boheme as its own entity now, so I thought of my Harry Potter fanfiction. (Shameless plug?) Could I see myself using any of my own ideas?

Because let’s not forget I do write fantasy as well. I know I haven’t spoken much of it lately. Sadly, I hit a wall with “Through the Mists” and have been focusing more on my historical stories. I plan to finish it, I do. And I do have ideas for other fantasies. They just never seemed promising. Until this particular morning…Let me explain some things in my Harry Potter fanfiction. I introduce two new original characters who were friends with Lily in Hogwarts. One, Kristin, fled the country after Voldemort’s downfall and Sirius’ supposed betrayal due to the pain. The other, Amity, went into hiding with her daughter with Remus. When she didn’t hear from him, she assumed he was dead and married someone else. Years later, mother and daughter learn he is still alive and are upset.

Those plots are good bases for stories. And I can use them. But, I wondered, would people accuse me of using my Harry Potter fanfiction? Would I be called a hypocrite as I’ve criticized others for doing so? Concerns over something that may never happen—mornings can be dangerous. No wonder I usually sleep through them when not working. As I reminded myself of this fact, I wondered how I could use them but separate them from my Harry Potter fanfiction. So different story ideas flowed though my mind.

I first discarded Kristin’s storyline. So then I focused on Amity’s. I saw a teenager running through Central Park, where she has befriended a harmless homeless man. When she is pursued by evil forces, the homeless man reveals himself to be the father she thought dead for years. He saves her and reveals the truth.

And it snowballed from there. First, I had it that the mother took off with the daughter to protect her. Then that the father sent them away to protect them both from the civil war erupting amongst the magical folk. Which kind, I still don’t know. Debating between warlocks and witches. But now that she’s showing signs of magic and being chased, he’s revealed himself in order to teach her.

Writing this out on an online community, someone pointed out it’s weird she didn’t show any abilities until her 18th birthday. And I thought about it. It doesn’t make sense. So I’m reworking that as we speak. Or maybe I’ve figured it out. This is scheduled for like a month away from when I’m writing.

But I did have that plot in mind as I kept mulling it over. Once under her father’s tutelage, she learns more about her family. Particularly her great-grandmother, whose death is a mystery. At first, she was a woman who mysteriously ended up on the Lusitania though no one knew why. And I didn’t lose the Lusitania for some time. After all the Titanic mania, I wanted to turn to another tragedy. It also allowed me to keep working in history, which you all know I like. I eventually lost the Lusitania connection. But I kept the Edwardian era, though not as the main setting.

And I think I’m rambling. Look for the continuation of this post sometime in the future…


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