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July 9, 2012

Summer Storm

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It’s Summer! You know what that means—pool parties, barbecues, eating outside, and warm nights. But it also means heat and humidity. Those two things create storms. And I do like storms. Here’s a short about them.

A summer storm


Have you ever seen a fast moving storm? I have. A few times, if I’m honest. One time, I was sitting outside in public park, overlooking a bay. I could see the dark clouds gathering over the land mass across the water. They rolled across the water like a steamroller, pushing the wind toward me. My hair whipped about my face so I gathered it in my hand to hold it as I sat on the grass.Lightning lit up the black clouds. I knew I should get to shelter; I was in an open field. Not the safest place to be in a storm. But the beauty kept me rooted to my spot. How the white contrasted with the color of the clouds. The frantic ripple of the waves as the storm raged about the waters. The wind bending the blades of grass low around her.

Crack! Thunder startled me, urging me to run for the visitor’s center. I reached it as I felt the first drops of rain hit my shoulder. Eyeing my car in the parking lot, a debate raged about whether I could make it in time. As the drops increased in numbers, I decided to remain where I was. Fast moving storms like this meant a few minutes of downpours before calming down. Waiting it out was my best option.

A curtain of water blocked my view of the world outside the center. Alone in the building, I was in my own world. Hugging my arms to my chest, I tried to ward off the cool breeze that the wind brought as I walked about my new domain. The walls were decorated with paintings and pictures taken of the bay over the years. Mounted underneath them were explanations. Artists, medium used, and year created. A little history was also presented in them. This kept me occupied most times, but not today.

So I sat down on the wooden bench, content to watch the rain. I felt like I was in a cave hidden behind a waterfall. Or as if I was in some fairy tale. Maybe once the rain died down, I’d go running around like a fairy. Who cared if I was in my twenties? After such a storm, no one would be out anyway.

The waterfall was gone as the storm lost its power. I’d be able to leave my sanctuary soon. And that saddened me. Being in your own world wasn’t always bad.

With the storm’s departure, the brief respite from the overbearing summer heat also left. I stepped outside the center and felt as though I had hit a wall. Humidity felt like that sometimes, especially here. Each breath was a struggle as it seemed all the air had gone with the storm clouds. My plans to run about like a woman possessed were scrapped as I struggled with each step to my car.

As soon as I got to my car and started the vehicle, I turned on the air conditioner. My breathing grew easier and I didn’t feel as listless. Driving away, it didn’t look like a storm had passed through only minutes earlier. The sun shone overhead again, illuminating a blue sky and calm waters. It looked inviting.

But I had to look ahead, at the road before me. The black tar was dry. Water was only found in the occasional pothole, muddied. As I continued down the street, I started to catch up with the storm. Steam rose up from the street where moisture still existed. It curled around the cars as if we were driving on clouds.

And that was the image I kept as I drove home.


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