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June 11, 2012

It Isn’t You, It’s Me.

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Or Rather, It’s the Story

Ever realize you have to break up with someone? Happens as a writer. I realized I had to breakup with one of my characters.

She’s in “The Wedding Game”—Natalie, my main character’s cousin. I created her to be the wrench in their uncle’s plans and to be a companion for Christian. But as the story progressed, she’s not as present. More often than not, it’s me trying to shoehorn her in.

I created her to have a bigger role. She was supposed to be the more fiery and outspoken of the two cousins. To go toe-to-toe with their Uncle Edmund until Christian grew into that. But that hasn’t happened. Christian became more fiery than I originally saw. People may think it’s weird when a writer talks about their characters as if they were real. But the truth is that they are real to us. More on that later, though.

But I had to admit what I slowly was realizing—Natalie is nonessential to the plot. And she has to go. Now I need to figure a few things out. The only definite I know of is that Susanna, another female character, will get a bigger role as Christian’s friend. But I’m not sure who will get the “wrench in Edmund’s plans” role—either Natalie’s brother Benjamin or Fr. Andrew.

Decisions, decision, decisions.


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