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May 28, 2012

Springtime in New York City

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I love the spring. Who doesn’t? Okay, maybe some people don’t like the spring for various reasons, allergies being chief among them.

So why do I love the spring? Many reasons, the first being that I’m a spring baby. Born on April Fool’s Day, around Easter. (That’s my favorite holiday as well).

I love when the weather changes. When one day you were wearing long sleeves and you wake up, you need to put on a t-shirt. Maybe you still need to wear a jacket outside. Then eventually a sweater. And lastly, no need for anything else but your shirt until the sun goes down.

I love the first day I get to open my bedroom window. Let the sunlight chase away the gloom of winter and the warm breeze refresh the stale air. At the same time, my parents often open their window as well as the sliding door to the balcony over our garage. The fresh air is wonderful when I go upstairs.

I love when the blossoms appear on the trees. As the green returns to nature. When the first rosebuds appear on the bushes outside my door.

Spring is the season of birth and renewal. And I think that touches the creative mind. Makes us want to give birth to something. Usually a story if you’re a writer.

I’m no different. Probably not helped that I’m a romance writer as well. Spring is the season for love. New love, first love, renewed love, etc. The chance of change is in the air, along with the scent of flowers and warmth. Those also scream “romance”!

But this post isn’t about spring and the writer. It’s about spring and New York City. And it’s about me. After all, this is about my journey as a writer so I can be more personal here than I usually am on my other blogs.

Want to know the best thing to do on a NYC spring day? Ride the ferry, though the best boat for that doesn’t run regularly anymore (the John F. Kennedy). The warm air, the cool sea breeze blowing through your hair. Watching the water as the boat cuts through it. The ships crossing New York Harbor.

And then walking around New York City. For me, it’s mostly Manhattan. There was a spring I was working in Bensonhurst, but it was a cool spring and summer so walks were usually quick. But there were a few warm days, I remember. And I enjoyed my two city block walk down 25th Avenue to catch the B64. As I walked it one day, iPod playing in my ear, I thought of something. I had formed a plan:

I wanted to spend a day mucking about the city (Manhattan). Just go in on the ferry one morning and let my Metrocard be my guide. Well, not entirely. I had looked up (preferably free) events taking place around the city online. I was going to go around to some of them. Try some food places—lunch, dessert, whatever. Visit a few street fairs, see some entertainment, etc.

Sadly, things didn’t work out. The weather was very inconsistent. It got cold. And rainy. It’s also weird: When I’m not working, I have time to do these things. But I don’t really have the money. But when I’m working and have the money, I don’t have the energy.

But I still have the dream. The city in spring is exciting. And I’ve always wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.


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