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March 19, 2012

Hitting the Books

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Yes, I’m hitting the books. In a few ways. While I would love to make my living as a writer, I’m slightly more realistic than that. So I’m studying for my masters in Human Resource Management. But I’m also researching my next book.

Yes, I know. I should finish the manuscripts I’m working on now. And I will. But who says I can’t start reading ahead?

Where does this really start? The Phantom of the Opera. I’ve talked about this before. I wrote a Phantom of the Opera fanfic that I thought was going to be my piece de resistance. When I reread it, I realized it was a piece de crap. But there was still something about it. Something that drew me not to just hide it in the deep recesses of my hard drive.

But what was it?  Was it the character? No, not really. I plan on changing her. And with her, so went the plot. And then it hit me—it was the time period!

The Phantom of the Opera takes place in the 1870s according to the movie, though the musical and the book are more likely set in the 1880s. This time in Paris is called the Belle Epoque. It’s the age that when you think of Paris, it’s what you imagine. It’s the Paris of the impressionists. I love the impressionists. It’s the Paris of Emile Zola. It’s the Paris of Sarah Bernhardt.

It was a time of political upheaval. It was a great time of creativity and I hope that it’ll pass along to me.



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