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March 5, 2012

Writer’s Toolbox: Dream Dictionary

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A dream dictionary.

It might not be a common tool. But I definitely have needed it. And I love it.

I discovered it a few years ago. I don’t know about you, but I have some doozies for dreams. Not always, but when I do, they are certainly memorable. Some of them I can explain as being influenced by things happening in my life—being late for a test, doing something at work, etc. Then there are the really bizarre ones. When I get them, I turn to the dream dictionary. Because I wonder if maybe my subconscious may be telling me something. And sometimes the message makes no sense so I toss it off as a bizarre dream. And sometimes, the message makes sense. Like one time I dreamt I was pregnant. Now, I’m not married nor am I sexual active (and not ashamed to admit as such), so I knew it wasn’t predicting anything. So I looked up what it meant to dream you are pregnant and not in reality. And it turns out it was indicative of a big project!

Of course, I’m working on two novels. Those are my big projects. But what do they have to do with the dream dictionary? Well, only one has to deal with it. “Through the Mists,” my fantasy. In it, two of my female characters are plagued by dreams. One dismisses it as a nightmare, though it does send her to bed for some time.

The other, though, puts more stock into her dreams. This because she has an adult family member who is known for decoding dreams, like a female Joseph from the Bible. So, she asks this aunt of sorts to explain her dream to her. And the aunt obliges. So I had to go to my dream dictionary.

Now, let me state something first. I hadn’t planned to bring this character into the story when I wrote the dream. So I had only written it to mirror the earlier dream. But when I went to the dictionary, I found I had inadvertently coded it with the correct message after all. Which was a little weird to find out.

Want to learn more about what your dreams might be telling you? Or want to add your own dream scene? Go here. It’s an interesting read.


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