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January 16, 2012

Building My Own World

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In a previous post, I spoke about deciding to put up “Through the Mists” on Book Country. When I did so, I had to classify it. And I had always had difficulty doing that. For a long time, I imagined myself writing more of an alternate history. But after reading the categories, as I said, I classified it as “High Fantasy.” I thought I was writing an alternate version of the medieval period. But I was building my own world. Which is kinda fun.

And I slap myself for not realizing it earlier! I’ve written about it, after all. About how I created a special festival. Or how I had to write the traditions surrounding the death of a king. Or my debate about religion in my stories.

And there are bits I haven’t written about. Like how I have a notepad to keep track of the provinces of my country. Where each lies, what towns are in it, etc. I’ll have to draw it, I’m sure. I’m not much of an artist though. Hmm…

While building one’s own world is fun, it’s hard. You don’t have established traditions to fall back on. You have to create your own. You have to sit back and ask yourselves questions about it.

Let’s use my Autumnal Festival for example. That’s the what.

Where: The capital city of Templeton.

When: Around the autumn solstice, lasting a week.

Who: The people of Engledale.

Why: To celebrate the harvest.

(Did I mention I studied journalism in school?)

Anyway, I then had more questions to ask. How do they celebrate? What are the traditions? What makes this week special? The first thing I thought was a beer competition. But what else? A special honor for a common man—the Lord of the Festival. What’s the best part about any celebrations? Staying up late! What else? I saw dancing, music and stories. And so I wrote it.

I know I’ll have to build more as my world comes more into focus. And I can’t wait!


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