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December 29, 2011

Chapter Lengths

I’ve been writing “Through the Mists” for a year now. Not that I’ve always written it. I got stuck for a long time while I was pushing through on “The Wedding Game.” But I’ve gone back to it.

But that’s for another post.

I’ve been pretty vocal about joining Book Country. And while I would like a few more reviews, I have found it a great community. I love reading some of the other books on the site. And I love taking part in the discussions.

One discussion was about chapter lengths. And this was something I worried about as well. Oh boy did I worry about them. I felt that chapters had to be a certain length. And I strove to reach that goal. I treated it as if there was a set chapter limit all books must have. That may have been why I kept getting stuck on the chapter.

But that’s for another post.

And I’ll admit I was worried about it while writing “The Wedding Game.” But I am writing that in a notebook. I then type it up when I’m done with a chapter. So I’m not as focused on chapter length as I usually am when typing. That was step one.

Step two was my reading habits. You may grow sick of hearing this name, but it was Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” that greatly helped. As I read on, I started to notice chapter lengths. Some were long, like I thought they need to be. But then there were shorter ones, which surprised me. But they worked.

And that got me thinking. Why should I push myself to reach some chapter limit? Chapters should flow naturally. They should end at logical points. And that’s what I need to focus on from now on.


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