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July 15, 2011

Baby, Dream Your Dreams…

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See? I told you I use Broadway lyrics a lot.

Internet brownie points to whoever knows the musical I took that from.

Anyway, this is Part II about inspiration and where I get it. I’ll give you three guesses. The first two don’t count. Yes, I get inspiration from my dreams. I know that isn’t incredibly original. Other authors have admitted to getting ideas from dreams. Writing as an art form though is a few millennia old, so it’s a bit difficult to be completely original.

Do I remember all my dreams? No. But the ones I do remember are doozies. I notice they come in cycles. There are periods where my dreams are forgettable. Then there are periods where they are vivid and linger after I wake up. Some are trying to tell me something, I’m sure. I love going to this website, Dream Dictionary, to try and figure out the meaning. (For example, I recently had a dream where I was pregnant. Since I am not pregnant in real life, the dictionary says that’s a sign that there are creative ideas I am thinking of.) I even put some of my beliefs about dreams into my novel.

And some of them grab me and say, “Write me!” And sometimes, I obey. And I’ve done so with two of my short stories. The first one has a “Stepford Wives” influence. And actually, it was inspired by a nightmare. I actually had to wake myself up from it. Ever have those dreams where you know you’re dreaming, so you change things? Or, if you’re me, know it’s a dream and still not be able to change things? But I found it an interesting study to pursue: People who are dropped into a utopia but want to get out because if feels wrong.

Another dream probably would’ve made a good action film. I’m giving it a Wonderland feel. A modern Wonderland feel with a sinister twist. I’m not entirely sure how the action sequences will go. They are honestly the toughest thing to write. But that’s another post.

So, what’s the moral of this post? You’re looking for a moral? Oh. I guess it is pay attention to your dreams. You never know what they could be telling you.

Or what stories they may give you.


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