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April 23, 2011

Inmates Are Running the Asylum

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Sometimes that’s how it feels when writing.

You ever listen to someone talk about their soap opera? How they talk about the characters as if they were part of their own family or social circle? Sometimes, it feels the same when it comes to my characters. They come alive to me and I feel like they are really a part of my life.

It’s amazing how these characters evolve.

I created a character to show how cold my protagonist had become. She was supposed to be nameless, just one in a parade of young girls in brightly colored dresses trying to win the prince’s favor. But she then demanded a name. I gave her one. A named character deserved a backstory. And so I crafted one for her. And I quite liked her backstory.

And this is where the inmate takes over. Ashlynn, the character, is starting to become more of a main character than I intended. I quite enjoy writing her.

Now here’s the problem. What to do with such a character? I see two options. The one that has actually thrown me in crisis is to make Ashlynn a major character and a love interest. While I haven’t written her yet, my main female protagonist has been created in my mind. The other option is to give her her own sequel. And it would be an awesome sequel that would expand the little world I’ve created.

So, I’ve come to a conclusion. I’m going to bump her up to a major character. Whether or not she’ll be the main female protagonist or just a romantic female rival will be seen. Here’s to the journey!


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