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March 30, 2011

Milestone: Page 50!

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While it doesn’t seem like a lot, fifty pages is a milestone.

As I said, I started this novel in December. There was a time I put writing it on the back burner to focus on a short story I had hoped ready to submit to a contest. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten stuck on that story so I’ll have to submit it some place else. (Shameless request: If anyone knows of a good magazine or contest for short stories, please let me know). I had also sent the first chapter to a friend for a critique and was waiting for his comments before continuing on.

However, I got the urge to write. And when I get that urge, I always give in. So I continued writing. My friend eventually got his critique back to me. He provided some useful criticism and so I went back to embellish/correct concepts from the first chapter. By that time, though, I was already writing the third chapter.

I recently finished the third chapter. It was an intense chapter, in my opinion. My protagonist’s father grew sick and died in this chapter. Without giving too much away, the father is the king of the fictional country I’m creating. While my protagonist kept vigil in his father’s bedchambers, his countrymen keep vigil outside. For this, I took my inspiration from those who poured into Rome to keep vigil for Pope John Paul II, Servant of God. It was the closest I could come as an example of people mourning for their beloved leader.

So, here’s to the next 50 pages!


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