A Writer's Journey

March 18, 2011

An Introduction

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I’ve struggled with whether or not I was going to start this blog. Let me back track and give some background information.

I made myself a promise. People say they will publish a novel in a year. Many take part in National Novel  Month (NaNoMo) in November. However, I know that it takes more time to write a novel. So, my promise was that I would publish a novel before I was thirty.

My main goal when I made that promise was to write a historical fiction novel. It is my favorite genre and I read novels from it all the time. I am also a big American history nerd. More specifically, I love colonial America and the Revolution. My belief about history is that we can be surprised about what happened in our little neighborhoods. For instance, I was surprised to learn that I live not a mile away from the site of an American Revolution battle! I also volunteer at a local historic landmark that was the site of a peace conference between the Americans (including Benjamin Franklin and John Adams) and the British. Funny how that never makes it into the history books, isn’t it?

I know my historical fiction novel will be set here on Staten Island, where I live. I know it will revolve around the historical landmark where I volunteer. Whether it is set during the revolution when the conference took place or later with the second family who owned the house, I’ve yet to decide.

Though I’m going off on a tangent. While I planned for the historical fiction novel, I’ve set that aside for now as it does require more research. Over the holidays, I got another idea for a story. It hit me so hard, that I actually had to pick up a spare notebook and a pen to write it down. I keep that notebook next to my bed, just in case, though most of my work is now being done on my laptop. And I knew that this would be my first novel.

And as I write the novel, I will blog about my experiences. I can’t promise a regular posting schedule, but I will try not to let too long go by.


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